Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cafe Barbera, Sunway Pyramid

Barbera's Coffee, they said: A history of over 140 years of the finest preparations of gourmet coffees in Italy.

Second outlet just opened few days ago at Sunway Pyramid. So, my friend and I were taking the exit from Parkson to approach my car. But then, 'Coffee for RM 1.00' we heard. Again, we bumped into a banner located outside of the outlet: Click here to view the opening promotion banner.

We went for a try. Environment was new, like fine dining....

Awesome chandelier.

The menu.

'A note from Editor'.

Since the opening promotion was a cup of Affogato = RM 3.00, both of us ordered it.

Affogato = Espresso + Vanilla Ice Cream.

Before I pour the whole little cup of espresso into scoop of ice-cream, I had a sip of that highly concentrated coffee. Yums~

Poured into vanilla ice cream, SLURPPPSS~

So, here I am. Back to blogging after a long hiatus. My apologies.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gua Tempurung [12 June 2011]

Sorry for the long hiatus. I've been very busy like a bee with my career life. This cause the lack of time updating my blog.

This was the last trip with my coursemates before I make my way to KL to pursue my career life.

We opted for Grand Tour (RM 22.00 per head) which comes with challenging 'obstacles' when you entered in the middle of cave.

I have no choice but to purchase a Sealed Bag to protect my gadgets and other belongings from water.

The anticipating face.

Briefing by ranger before starting our journey into cave.

And here we go...INTO THE CAVE!!!

Partial exhausted look before returning to main exit of the cave.

Crocs has come to a long journey inside the cave.

Christopher and me.

Christopher Yong, Me, Kah Keong and Daniel Chin.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang [20 May 2011]

The journey to the temple by Rapid Penang compromised of senior citizens it seemed...

Upon arrival, we made our way there by walking.

Tallest building in Penang Island, KOMTAR.

Taking incline lift...

Views inside air-conditioned inclined lift.

The bronze statue of Kuan Yin. I bet it looks stunning during the night!

My chinese zodiac, Dragon.

With broken tongue.

Going down.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Funny Mountain TauFuFah & Soya Milk, Ipoh, Perak

Thanks to Kah Keong, for the ride, we had chance to travel all the way to Ipoh for breakfast on 5 June 2011 with another two friends. One suggested we should try...

Soya BEan Milk and TauFuFah.


The business hour. Be early to avoid disappointment!

The busy workers.

The queue at 11.17 a.m.

Newpaper cuttings about the shop.

So-called Drive Thru service available.

I was walking proudly after purchasing 2 x 1.5 litre of soya milk while looking at the cars who were still queueing of for trademark servings from the shop.