Friday, January 21, 2011

Week 1 in UTAR Jan 2011

There goes the all new final semester for the first week...

Participated blood donation campaign and got this goodie bag.

Goodie bag comes with sweet food stuffs.

I always forget to bring the "Red Booklet" and end up receiving this piece of paper as record.

My second time donating blood in UTAR but fourth time participating blood donation.

Witnessed how "disgusting" it was my course mates went to donate their blood on the next day.

Somehow, I came across a booth about this "derma organ thingy" and I did not hesitate to ask the person in charge about FAQ. I wouldn't be that stupid to waste my time sitting alone waiting for my course matess to donate blood.

When you bye bye:
--> you can donate whatever organs, tissues and etc.
--> subject to your family's decision whether they allow parts of your organs / tissues to be donated
--> your organs / tissues are examined first before donated

When you're still alive:
--> you can only donate one of your kidneys ONLY TO YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS


I wondered who will be the lucky ones someday?

Received free car sticker to promote "derma organ"

Time flies. Chinese New Year around the corner...

Friday, January 14, 2011

December 2010 Sem Break

December 2010 semester break has nearly come to an end. This is it...

My brother and I having brunch at Secret Recipe, KL Sentral.

Frosty Lemon Juice? Tasted weird like dish washing liquid.

Brother ordered Chocolate cheesecake.

While I ordered Chocolate Indulgence, heavenly chocolaticious.

Yes 4G, can anyone tell me how good it is?

This time smoking is allowed in aircraft?

Traveled to Kudat with family...


My pair of Crocs were so hot under the scorching sun.

Back in Kota Kinabalu...

I wonder is it legal to modify / extend rear wheels of a scooter (Take a look at orange scooter) ?

How am I gonna explain to my daddy (lucky it wasn't my car)?

Optical illusion to trick traffic police eyes? 'D' can be '0' or vice versa.

That's it. Gonna board a plane to KL and train back to Kampar to pursue my final semester.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

UTAR Opinion Poll with HOPELESS KFC Coupons! [Part 2]

Mentioned earlier in this post. Here comes the second part of it when got two letters posted to my hometown during October 2010 short semester in UTAR...

I didn't know I participate for November 2010 poll.

From the two polls, I received coupons as token of "depreciation" from UTAR...

This time, I received not only hopeless KFC coupons but another 20% off Pizza Hut coupons. I found out Pizza Hut coupons worth to use BUT not until my two eye balls read this...

What pissed me off again was "VALID FOR PENINSULAR MALAYSIA" again. Why can't I enjoy this coupons in East Malaysia?

Hopeless KFC and Pizza Hut coupons!!! 1-Malaysia~ Anyway thanks for the stamps (my boring hobby: collecting stamps).

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year 2011 @ Sophia's House

The way I bid farewell to Year 2010 and welcome the all new Year 2011...


The only way to avoid traffic jams for 2011 countdown. Made my way to Kiansom, where Sophia stayed.

Fire is not really a friend of charcoal.


The aftermath followed by lami session (without bother to watch fireworks).

All pictures above are in courtesy of Chang Ka Yee. How was your New Year celebration?