Friday, January 21, 2011

Week 1 in UTAR Jan 2011

There goes the all new final semester for the first week...

Participated blood donation campaign and got this goodie bag.

Goodie bag comes with sweet food stuffs.

I always forget to bring the "Red Booklet" and end up receiving this piece of paper as record.

My second time donating blood in UTAR but fourth time participating blood donation.

Witnessed how "disgusting" it was my course mates went to donate their blood on the next day.

Somehow, I came across a booth about this "derma organ thingy" and I did not hesitate to ask the person in charge about FAQ. I wouldn't be that stupid to waste my time sitting alone waiting for my course matess to donate blood.

When you bye bye:
--> you can donate whatever organs, tissues and etc.
--> subject to your family's decision whether they allow parts of your organs / tissues to be donated
--> your organs / tissues are examined first before donated

When you're still alive:
--> you can only donate one of your kidneys ONLY TO YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS


I wondered who will be the lucky ones someday?

Received free car sticker to promote "derma organ"

Time flies. Chinese New Year around the corner...


Amy said...

Funny lah you : When you "bye bye"

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

The appropriate way to say DIE. Hahaha...