Monday, February 28, 2011

3M Dinoc Black CA-421 (Carbon Fiber Sticker)

It happened that I came across a seller from forum who sells carbon fiber sticker (brand by 3M).

The items arrived few days later.

That's 3M Dinoc Black CA-421, carbon fiber sticker.

RM 120.00 for 123cm X 60cm including postage fees (Pos Laju).

For more info regarding this product, click here.

"Ketupat" texture (Picture taken with flash fired).

"Ketupat" texture (Picture taken without flash fired).

Because of being hypnotized by the texture of carbon fiber sticker, I decided to give a new look to my heavily-scratched Nokia 9300i.

Gonna ripped of those bling blings

Gonna give my poor appearance of my Nokia 9300i a new facelift.

More pictures of my newly facelifted Nokia 9300i in the next post.

Meanwhile, if you're interested to get this sticker, I would recommend you to approach kray_keigo, trusted seller from his forum topics here


krack said...

hola brader..
i'm lookin' for 9300i phone.
how much do you think it will cost for 2nd?

krack said...


Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Used Nokia 9300i may cost around RM 300-400 these days.

For your info, I inherited this from my father in year 2008 with poor appearance.

But still, it's quite a good phone after all.