Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday Lunch @ Vegas Kitchen

Date: 14 March 2011
Time: 12.00 p.m. (Arrival of guest), 12.00 ++ pm (Arrival of host)
Venue: Vegas Kitchen, Kampar, Perak.

I didn't expect there were 13 of us including me having lunch that time. Pray hard that neither one of them going to betray me some day. :-)

My disciples, I mean my guest compromise of:
  1. Siang Leng
  2. Christopher
  3. Wann Yang
  4. Kim Seong
  5. Kah Keong
  6. Mike
  7. Chu Yik
  8. Wai Meng
  9. Yik Hoong
  10. Tee Zai
  11. Chi Hwe
  12. Chi Hwe's girlfriend

Grabbing Samsung Galaxy S.

Group photo 1

Group photo 2

My disciples who joined me for lunch. Hopefully this is not the last lunch with them before I die. Jokingly...

Sweet couple, Chi Hwe and his girl~

Random shot of food ordered by my guest...

I hope his expression doesn't represent a betrayer of mine. LoL!

The best part of the best...

I'm one year older.

My birthday cake, Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe.



Credits to Mike Lee who took all the pictures for that day. My apologies for not taking picture with you.

Thanks to all my guest for SINFULLY AND HEAVENLY CHOCOLATIOUS cake!


Aggie said...

Really like taiko sitting in middle with all the "disciples" konon. Anyway Happy Belated Birthday to you and may God bless you with many many blessings ahead! One year older, one year wiser bah.

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Thanks! Anyway, it's not too late to wish me. You're the first few to wish me.

sook beng said...

So, it's ur burpday today?
Happy birthday Adrian!!
nice crowd, nice food & nice cake..
so lucky of u~

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Yes! Thanks for the wish!