Thursday, March 10, 2011

Carbon-Fy Stuffs - Nokia 9300i [Part 1]

Tools needed to get started...

Dettol hand sanitizer with tissue/facial cotton to wipe of oils and dirts.

Minyak Kapak, to remove dirt from previous bling bling stickers.

Any plastic card and most important of all, pen knives.

Hair dryer.

Sufficient amount of 3M Dinoc Black CA-421 Carbon Fiber Sticker.

It took me 3 hours as first-timer to apply 3M Dinoc Black CA-421 Carbon Fiber Sticker onto my Nokia 9300i, secondary screen display part.

Glad to be satisfied with my first attempt!

The ugly part which I can't stick it well, corner part.

Even burnt my fingers due to exposure of heat from hairdryer.

Overall, I'm impressed of my skill as first timer.

Carbon-Fy Stuffs - Nokia 9300i to be continued to cover the other part of my heavily scratched mobile phone. Stay tuned...

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