Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 11 & 12 in UTAR Jan 2011

Stressful weeks when it comes to a huge loads of assignments and tasks to complete and submit on time. Among them: -

My Final Year Project (FYP) full report. *Submitted*

Burnt 3 copies of my FYP full report in it. I don't want to see my FYP reports ANYMORE in future!

These are the comments given by my lecturer during evaluation of my speeches. I've 'pinned' them on my room wall. Public Speaking and Oral Presentation coursework. *Accomplished*

Computer Law and Ethics Assignment, SUBMITTED!

And I'm now down with 1 particular mini project that encourage more and more drastic change towards my face (due to lack of sleep and rest)...

That requires the above book for reference (I find it quite useless!).

Sadly neither of my friends are so free or fit enough to go volunteerism run. That made me decided not to go for it as well. However, I'm really looking forward for A CYCLING TRIP!

Getting my hair dyed for the first time ever in Kampar. Don't think I will go for second time. Still prefer hair salon back in my hometown.

While I'm about to "graduate" soon, I've prepared my own resume (CV) and started to look for job. All the best in me...


Aggie said...

what the.. now you look like samseng sudah. -.-/~ don't dye lah you look better with black hair okie?

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Where got? I went for natural hair colour. THose fashionable hair dye Sorry lah...