Sunday, April 17, 2011

Your Nickname, Not English Name

Something that came across my mind and I decided to rant it here. There it goes:

Lecturer: Does anyone knows who is Tang Mar Derk?

No one replied. Lecturer himself approached to Irvin and asked him.

Lecturer: Seriously, do you know who is Tang Mar Derk?

Irvin: I have no idea who in the world Tang Mar Derk is. Sorry sir. I can't help.

Lecturer have no choice but to certify Tang Mar Derk has absent for his lecture class. After lecture ended, Irvin went to meet up with Marco at cafeteria.

Irvin: You know what?

Marco: What?

Irvin: That lecturer asked me who is Tang Mar Derk. And I had really no idea who the hell is Tang Mar Derk.

Marco: Eh hello, that's ma real name!

Irvin: What the fruit??!! I didn't know your real name is Tang Mar Derk! Why did you introduce me your English name, MARCO when we first met yesterday?

Marco: It would be easier for other people to call me with that name! What about yours? IRVIN...

Irvin: Hey, that's my real name given by my parents the moment I was born! Yours wasn't real English name. Instead, it's a NICKNAME!

My real life experiences:
  • One introduces me only with his real English name ONLY. (That makes me wonder whether he has a father or not)
  • You know how much I HATE it if you don't introduce me your Chinese Name and just let me call your NICKNAME will do. (That makes me hard to identify your real name especially in Social Network Sites and Official matters)
  • Some even go further by replacing their names with Japanese (Korean as well) kawaii names and those ker ai names (in which you inherited from China or Taiwan culture)
  • Any many more...


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