Sunday, May 29, 2011

Android 2.2 (Froyo) on Samsung Omnia i900

I've came across a forum here which allows Samsung Omnia i900 owners (I'm proud to be one of them) to boot Samsung Omnia i900 with Android 2.2.

I followed the instructions mentioned in this website. Then tested it out on my Omnia and run it...

Kernel level before entering boot up display.

Android boot up screen.


Home screen of Android 2.2 on Samsung Omnia i900.

Menu, apps and etc.

Information of my phone while running on Android 2.2.

Screen locked!

I've tried it for an hour or two.However I encountered few problems:
  1. It drains my battery deadly
  2. It lags
  3. Keyboard not accurate (or maybe due to my screen which is less sensitive)
  4. It freeze sometimes
  5. I can't terminate BROWSER and always stuck at black page. Can't return to home screen.
  6. Unable to search for my telco network
  7. Wi-Fi not working (not sure about bluetooth)
  8. When I soft reset my Omnia, it will boot up Windows Mobile 6.5 (that's great thing) BUT when I turn off the back light (or leave my phone on standby), backlight will light up again automatically after few seconds no matter what.
  9. Lastly, my Omnia was HOT!
Enough said.

I'm not really disappointed but somehow I felt impressed and curious that I was able to discover Android interface on my Omnia.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Farewell toTertiary Education

Another part of my life has come to a conclusion of a chapter. For the past three years, I've been pursuing my tertiary education. Here's out it went...

I was being offered by UTAR for Bachelor of Information Technology in Computer Engineering. 3 years degree course. Therefore left Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for Kampar, Perak on 15 May 2008. Click here.

This is the place where I stayed. Comparing this picture in year 2008 with today, it has changed a lot. Can't believe I've stayed here for the passed 3 years. Click here.

I cycled to campus. Even cycle for meal and entertainment with my housemates and course mates. And that's how I got a darker complexion. Click here.

Started to wear contact lenses because I don't feel like being nerdy person during lecture. Click here.

I had the worst nightmare ever the moment I had my FIRST haircut in Kampar. Click here.
Get to taste most of Malaysia's famous food in Kampar

Worst moments I had during my tertiary education, ASSIGNMENTS! There was this freaking assignment that I have no choice but to skip breakfast and lunch. Only as late as 3.00p.m., I can eat a horse up and off to bed around 4.00 p.m. Snoozed MAX!

"No time to eat, No time to sleep and No time to shit!"

I must thank to all my housemates and course mates for celebrating my birthdays. Click here, here and here.

Lastly, the most memorable experience during tertiary life...

Cycling trip! Or better known as Cycling Expedition! Click here, here and here.

These are part of the odds and ends, ups and downs, bits and bites. There's more actually but LAZY to mention in this post. 3 years...

Thanks guys! I have such a wonderful journey and life here in Kampar, Perak. Hope you guys have a successful future!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cycling Trip (Scouting) to Tronoh Mines & Tualang

Another great day to have a cycling trip after dreadful final (one and only last) assignment in my degree studies has come to an end. Scouting using our bicycle to discover a proper route that could lead us to the destination we longing for few weeks.

This time, I managed to bring along my secondary school friend, Cherng Yow. From Kampar > Kampung Baru Tronoh Mines > Tanjung Tualang > Kampar.

On the way to Kampung Baru Tronoh Mines.

We eventually wasted some time when we couldn't get our way to Kampung Baru Tronoh Mines using 'shortcut'. 'Shortcut' in other words, cycle at offroad or less traffic/vehicle.

Had no choice and made a U-turn to Kampar KTM Station and cycled the stretch of main road leading us to Teluk Intan. Next, turn into junction and made our way directly to Kampung Baru Tronoh Mines.

5 kilometers to go.

Pulled over at road leading to Kampung Baru Tronoh Mines.

Bloody satisfied and proud traveling to such isolated place by BICYCLE!

Cherng Yow, my secondary school friend.

Mike Lee, it's nice to have him navigate for every cycling trip.

From there on, scouting continued by making our way to Tanjung Tualang. The cycling journey has brought us back to Kampar safely...

Total distance traveled by bicycle: 43.48 kilometers

Thanks to Mike Lee for this map!

Sadly to say I didn't make it for official cycling trip using the same route as above on the following next few days later...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 13 & 14 in UTAR Jan 2011

I was still down with one assignment. Fortunate enough that I was able to complete it at the end of the week and presented it to my lecturer. The one and only assignment, FINAL assignment in my degree studies.

It's all about sweet stuffs...