Sunday, May 29, 2011

Android 2.2 (Froyo) on Samsung Omnia i900

I've came across a forum here which allows Samsung Omnia i900 owners (I'm proud to be one of them) to boot Samsung Omnia i900 with Android 2.2.

I followed the instructions mentioned in this website. Then tested it out on my Omnia and run it...

Kernel level before entering boot up display.

Android boot up screen.


Home screen of Android 2.2 on Samsung Omnia i900.

Menu, apps and etc.

Information of my phone while running on Android 2.2.

Screen locked!

I've tried it for an hour or two.However I encountered few problems:
  1. It drains my battery deadly
  2. It lags
  3. Keyboard not accurate (or maybe due to my screen which is less sensitive)
  4. It freeze sometimes
  5. I can't terminate BROWSER and always stuck at black page. Can't return to home screen.
  6. Unable to search for my telco network
  7. Wi-Fi not working (not sure about bluetooth)
  8. When I soft reset my Omnia, it will boot up Windows Mobile 6.5 (that's great thing) BUT when I turn off the back light (or leave my phone on standby), backlight will light up again automatically after few seconds no matter what.
  9. Lastly, my Omnia was HOT!
Enough said.

I'm not really disappointed but somehow I felt impressed and curious that I was able to discover Android interface on my Omnia.


Editha T'ika said...

Very useful Tutorial, btw do you have the Android 2.2.rar to upload in your blog? It's not working from the original link. Would be helpful to share

Anonymous said...

Hie lm Reggie l have a sumsung i900,but its very unfortunate for me coz l can't download android 2.2 rar.Will you be kind enough to upload in your blog.Thanks