Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cafe Barbera, Sunway Pyramid

Barbera's Coffee, they said: A history of over 140 years of the finest preparations of gourmet coffees in Italy.

Second outlet just opened few days ago at Sunway Pyramid. So, my friend and I were taking the exit from Parkson to approach my car. But then, 'Coffee for RM 1.00' we heard. Again, we bumped into a banner located outside of the outlet: Click here to view the opening promotion banner.

We went for a try. Environment was new, like fine dining....

Awesome chandelier.

The menu.

'A note from Editor'.

Since the opening promotion was a cup of Affogato = RM 3.00, both of us ordered it.

Affogato = Espresso + Vanilla Ice Cream.

Before I pour the whole little cup of espresso into scoop of ice-cream, I had a sip of that highly concentrated coffee. Yums~

Poured into vanilla ice cream, SLURPPPSS~

So, here I am. Back to blogging after a long hiatus. My apologies.

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Ker Rey said...

wei hello!! it's me ker rey. how are you, mike and kah keong? all working in kl now? chester and others have also currently in my last semester. i was looking for Vegas's number to make a seat reservation, that's how i stumble upon your blog! keep writing.